If You’re Traveling From The U.S. – You Don’t Need A Passport!

Going to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico is as easy as taking a trip to Orlando, or Nashville, or Los Angeles, or any other city within the United States of America for that matter! Tourists, corporate travelers, and vacationists alike can easily travel from the U.S. to the island of Puerto Rico without being required to hold a U.S.-issued passport. The only thing required to gain entry is a state-issued driver’s license or I.D. – that’s it! (as long as it is Real ID compliant starting January 2018).

The fact that a passport is not required to travel from the U.S. to Puerto Rico makes it an extremely popular destination for many Americans. Not only because the island itself is filled with beauty, fun and engaging activities, and beautiful beaches, but because a trip can be booked practically on a whim, without having to spend several months waiting for your passport application to be approved and processed!

Not only should this help to expedite your trip-planning stages, it should also make you more motivated than ever before to plan a trip to the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico!


Aren’t I Leaving The Country? Why Wouldn’t I Need A Passport?

Technically you are leaving the mainland United States, but Puerto Rico is actually an official territory of the United States! With that said, and due to Puerto Rico’s standing as a U.S. territory, you never technically left the United States, ultimately making the need for a passport totally unnecessary. As long as you’re a U.S. Citizen with a state-issued driver’s license or I.D., you’re good to go.

In fact, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are the only two destinations within the Caribbean that do not require U.S. Citizens to carry a passport while traveling. Not only does this make planning a trip to these locations much easier and less time-consuming, it also provides a tremendous sense of relief knowing that you really never left the country to begin with!

Forget about changing currencies, a language barrier, or other related local customs or practices, Puerto Rico is simply just an extension of the mainland United States!


Is There Anything I Should Be Prepared For When Traveling To Puerto Rico?

Other than making sure you have a valid state-issued driver’s license or I.D., there is absolutely nothing that you need to prepare! This is perhaps one of the biggest benefits when planning a trip or a vacation to Puerto Rico. Not only will you get to enjoy everything that the beautiful Caribbean island of Puerto Rico has to offer, but it’ll feel as though you’ve never left home – with all of the same comforts of the mainland.

With that said, maybe there is one thing you should be prepared for when traveling to Puerto Rico – be prepared to experience one of the most exciting and relaxing trips of a lifetime! The island truly is a wonder and it will surely stick in your mind until you plan that next trip to go back! And trust us, you will – especially because it’s just so easy to hop on a plane to paradise!

Visit Puerto Rico today!