Have an Authenic Puerto Rican Experience for up to 14 guests


Puerto Rican Night for up to 14 Guests, $3,850 or 2,850 as an add-on to another package

Live the experience of a night full of flavor, rhythms and culture. Delicious traditional food, tropical drinks, and live music will make you move your feet.

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Appetizers (Select 3)

  • Sweet plantains & black beans sauce dip, served with chips.
  • “Escabeche de gandules”, pickled pigeon peas, served with chips.
  • Pigeon peas hummus, served with chips.
  • Mini guava & cheese pastelillos.
  • Mini chicken pastelillos.
  • Mini beef & sweet plantain pastelillos.
  • Mini fish pastelillos.
  • Mini “alcapurrias” (fritter made of green banana or taro and pumpkin dough, stuffed with ground beef).
  • Mini piononos, (sweet plantains stuffed with beef).
  • Cod Fish croquettes.
  • Ham croquettes.
  • Cassava & cheese croquettes.

Option 1

Protein (choose 1)

  • Roasted Pork
  • Grill or Roasted Chicken
  • Fish Fillet in Creole Sauce
  • Skewers: Chicken, Pork or Fish (Skewers choose two)

Rice (choose 1)

  • Arroz con Gandules (Rice with pigeon peas)
  • Rice with Onions
  • Arroz Mamposteado
  • Rice & Beans

Sides (choose 2)

  • Platanitos
  • Maduros
  • Tostones
  • Avocado Salad
  • Green Salad
  • Yuca
  • YucaFongo Balls
  • Mofongo Balls

Dessert (choose 1)

  • Flan - Coconut, Cheese, or Vanilla
  • Vanilla or Cheese Tembleque
  • Tres Leches
  • Rice & Coconut Pudding

Option 2

Seafood paella with lobster, shrimps, scallops, mussels or clams. Served with sweet
plantains, asparagus and avocado salad.


  • Linen Guayabera Shirts - $90 Each
    (S, M, L, XL; order at least 6 weeks before)
  • Hour of Bartender including Drinks - $200
  • Additional Hour of Live Music - $850
  • Additional Hour of Salsa Dancer/Teacher - $450
  • Waiter - $50 each per hour
  • Cigar Roller - $800 (1.5-2 hours, Includes 25 Cigars)
  • Extra Guest - $60

The Puerto Rican Night is the most Popular package we have. It is A Must!!

Add The Puerto Rican Night to a chef package for an additional $2,850.00

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