BBQ Night - $1,600* For Up to 16 Guests!

BBQ Night for up to 16 Guests

Main Course

Choose up to 2 from the following options;

● Grilled jerk chicken with lemon mango sauce.
● Grilled chicken with garlic “mojo” sauce.
● Grilled chicken skewers with pineapple chimichurri.
● Rosemary marinated grilled rib-eye.
● Skirt steak or skewers with red chimichurri sauce.
● Grilled pork chops with pineapple
● Grilled pork skewers with roasted peppers sauce.
● Pork ribs with BBQ guava sauce.
● Grilled salmon with habanero and yellow peppers sauce.
● Fish skewers with fresh mango & papaya chutney.*
● Shrimps skewers in garlic sauce.
● Shrimps with orange liqueur glaze.
*(Mahi- mahi or grouper, depending on availability)

Side Dishes

Choose up to 2 from the following options

● Rice with coconut and sweet peas.
● Rice with chorizo & chickpeas.
● Rice and beans
● Rice with onions & bacon
● Sautéed potatoes with butter and sweet peas
● Garlic Mashed potatoes
● Mashed taro with cilantro gravy
● Roasted sweet potatoes with herbs butter.
● Roasted potatoes with garlic butter.
● Grilled vegetables
● Corn in the cob with garlic and chili butter
● Sautéed asparagus with sweet plantains


Choose 1 of the following options

● Green salad with balsamic dressing.
● Caesar salad.
● Spinach salad with honey citrus dressing.
● Avocado & tomato salad.
● Grains salad with quinoa.
● Coleslaw with green onions and cranberries.
● Spiral pasta salad .

BBQ NightExtra Guest(s)

**Includes Chef & staff, taxes, cost of food or Add to one of your customized menus / All Inclusive Packages

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