In-House Chef Services

Starting at $420 per day for up to 20 guests!

All Inclusive Chef Packages

Prices include personal chef, sous chef, kitchen staff, waiter, cost of food, taxes, preparation and confection of menu, serving the meals, and cleaning the kitchen area.

Package 1, Up to 20 Guests

7 - 14 GuestsPer Day
1 Meal2 Meals3 Meals

Package 2, Up to 10 Guests

Up to 6 GuestsPer Day
1 Meals2 Meals3 Meals

Add-on a Bartender for $50 per hour (3 Hour minimum)

Service Per Day1st - 3rd Day4th - 6th Day7 Days or More
One Meal per Day$275$275$250
Two Meals per Day$350$325$300
Three Meals per Day$425$400$375
Holiday Rates:
Two Meals per Day$400$400$400
Two Meals per Day$475$475$475
Three Meals per Day$550$550$550

*Prices above include Personal Chef, Sous Chef (if necessary), preparation and confection of menu. Serving the meals and cleaning the kitchen area.  The cost of food is additional plus a 15% convenience fee.

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